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Aulonocara species Tropical Fire Fish Peacock African Malawi Cichlids 4 total
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Yet, as I hope to demonstrate, special cichlid-oriented are indeed possible with a little care as to their setup and tankmate choice. And, having accommodated their behavioral needs, cichlids present their owners with a rich repertory of behavior not available from most other aquarium fish. I view cichlid fish as the “thinking person’s” tropical fish: aesthetics with a behavioral twist.
Aulonocara species Tropical Fire Fish Peacock African Malawi Cichlids 4 total.
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New World cichlids are native to Central and South America. The distribution of these cichlids start at the southern tip of South America north to parts of Texas in the United States. These awesome tropical fish are widely distributed throughout Central and South America. Species can be found in ditches, [...] Blood parrots can live in species-only tanks, as well as with some New World cichlids, Old World cichlids and various other tropical fish species
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: South American Cichlids are a diversegroup of fish often referred toas New World Cichlids. Cichlids are hardy, easy to care for fish thatadd brilliant color to the freshwater aquarium. South American Cichlidsare found from Central America through South America and can becategorized into Dwarf Cichlids, Larger Amazonian Cichlids, and LargerNeotropical Cichlids, all of which have different care levels and tankrequirements. These larger species are mostly predatory fish that areterritorial innature and should be maintained in the semi-aggressive or aggressiveaquarium. South American Cichlids have very interesting personalitiesand are extremely intelligent fish with highly evolved parental skills,making them one of the most popular groups of aquarium fish.The Bolivian Ram Cichlid (Mikrogeophagus altispinosus) is also known as the Bolivian butterfly and Ruby Crown Cichlid. It is an ideal choice for the beginner. For beautiful photographs of numerous tropical fish species together with interesting facts and information about each type of tropical fish visit Cichlids are a very unique family of fish that have a very special place in the tropical fish keeping hobby. Home aquarists do not take long to fall in love with their cichlids for more than one reason.One of the largest families of freshwater tropical fish suited for the home aquarium is the Cichlids. One of the distinguishing characteristics of this diverse species can be, that the rays in the front of the dorsal fin are spiny, like those of a Sunfish or Bluegill, this is not an absolute but true in almost all Cichlid spices. A large and varied assortment of Cichlids are found in fresh water throughout the Southern half of North America, Central and South America, and Africa, and a few are known from Asia Minor and India.