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First of all maybe we should say something about fixed light, in other words, lamps. In my opinion it is wise to use as slow a film as possible in all sorts of macro photography since it is the details that makes the pictures interesting. 100 asa or its digital equivalence is according to me the fastest possible film for this type of work. Due to the fact that you need a shutter speed of at least 125th of a second to freeze a moving fish most lamps are not strong enough, especially the ones located in standard aquaria lighting. I am not saying that good cichlid photos were never taken with fixed lighting. It is a little like feeding bloodworm to Tropheus. It may work but it might end up in a catastrophe. If you however happen to be the owner of a set of really powerful lights there is actually one more thing to consider. The unnatural strong lighting really stresses the fish. Not so much because they dislike the actual light but because they all of a sudden see everything in the room outside the tank from a different perspective. To bright new big suns with big stands and a whole bunch if threatening shapes and things in the room. It takes quite some time for them to get used to this. I can assure you that I have tried. One of the reasons why I have done this is because there is one great advantage in using lights. You can see what the lighting is going to look like when you look through the viewfinder. Using flash you won’t know this until you see the results. This means it might take a few sessions until you get the lighting the way you want it.
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Below you will find a gallery of Tropheus Duboisi Pictures. The Tropheus Duboisis (Maswa) is an African Cichlid from Lake Tanganyika. This cichlid is typically an aggressive fish that needs to be kept in large numbers, but has an awesome personality. As your viewing the images below, picture a group [...] Frontosa Cichlid Fish Pictures
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